Thursday, June 9, 2016

Reasonable Suspicion and Marijuana: Here's How Spot Use on the Job (Glassy Eyes)

reasonable suspicion training what a pot smoker with glassy eyes looks like
Yep, glassy eyes....usually not allergies.
DOT Supervisor Training includes information about Marijuana of course, and the first thing you need to know is that it is addictive. Here is a photo of a guy stoned on pot at work.

You may not see this image in typical reasonable suspicion training, but here it is for your review. If you have never used pot (and there are millions of adults who have not) this photo is a classic. It's addictive, and yeah, complete with withdrawal symptoms too. Medical physicians use Simitrol treat the withdrawal syndrome. All who experiment with the drug will not become addicted. Just like alcohol. No different. Some become addicted and some don't. It's about ten percent, and guess what -- if you have alcoholism in your family, you're at higher risk.  Addiction is characterized by withdrawal symptoms that include irritability and cravings for some, which can be intense enough to require medication in a treatment setting.  A two to four fold increase in tolerance is not unusual for heavy marijuana users. Research has demonstrated that marijuana alters brain chemistry making users susceptible to other drug use.  This is accompanied by cellular withdrawal with abrupt cessation of the drug after long term use.  THC has the same impact as heroin on the key brain site that influences addiction to other drugs.  90% of poly-drug users say that marijuana was their first drug.

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