Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Reasonable Suspicion Training: Excuses Employees Will Use to Manipulate You to Back Off!

There are many excuses DOT Supervisors will hear from employees when they approach an them for reasonable suspicion concerning use of drugs or alcohol on the job. 

What constitutes reasonable suspicion in your mind will not make an impact on your employee. His or her job is to manipulate the crap out of you to avoid a test. How prepared will you be when you hear one of the classic ten excuses? And will you recognize that you are being manipulated when it happens?

PowerPoints for reasonable suspicion training should make sure these excuses are covered, and if you do not purchase our training program, try purchasing just this small section at WorkExcel.com. You will find it by searching the product with "ten excuses."

DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training purchased on the Internet will always fail to cover the ten excuses, but we cover these issues in our DOT Training. So, please add them or phone use to send more information at 1-800-626-4327.

Let's face it. If you are a wiz and alcohol and drug education but your employees can manipulate you with guilt, fear, worry, anxiety, insecurity, uncertainty, or loss of loyalty among other objectives, you may back off.

When you back off, you allow risk to increase that a tragedy will someday occur. You do not want to know what it is going to be.

Reasonable suspicion training is about education and awareness. The U.S. DOT does not require you to have significant information associated with managing relationships on the job in general. It can't. But you should still get the information. Identifying and avoiding manipulation by excuses.

We realize this fact. So, you will both enjoy and find fascinating the content in this section of the course. The video below is a discussion in general, but you can visit this link to see all of these excuses unabridged. Call us soon to get impactful training for reasonable suspicion that supports DOT mandatory guidelines you must comply with.