Friday, November 2, 2018

43 Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse Explained for DOT Supervisors: Staggering and Stumbling at Work (1 of 43)

Staggering and stumbling is human behavior that demonstrates loss of control for some reason and associated
Reasonable Suspicion Training stumbling and staggering as s symptom in DOT
with one's psycho-motor skills. When we think of loss of control, we conjure up engines of tripping over objects, a disheveled look, or other behavior or appearance associated with being under the influence.

Remember however that you can say someone is under the influence, indeed staggering and stumbling could result from many other causes include a stroke, heart attack, or other syndrome associated with the brain and balance.

Staggering and stumbling in the workplace can be a classic symbol of drunkenness or being under the influence of a substance, but you will seldom if ever see an employee in the workplace in this condition as if they are on alley in a Hollywood move scream Stella in the rain.

And there are two reasons why loss of psycho-motor skills is likely to be so severe that it becomes obvious. The first is that most people aren't stupid enough to get so drunk at work that they will actually lose control and stumble--that is, normal social drinkers who know their limits from past drinking experiences, and know the consequences of consuming too much alcohol.

The second reason that you are unlikely is that alcoholics will have such high tolerance to alcohol, that they do not lose control of their psycho-motor functions. An alcoholic in middle stages of the disease can easily leave a building go to lunch, and be so drunk that the average person would stumble down the hallway. However, because tolerance and its increasing capacity is so pronounced with alcoholics, that they will not appear drunk at all.