Saturday, June 4, 2016

Alcohol and Drug Training is Useless Without Enabling Education (But DOT Training Does Not Require It!)

Alcohol and drug training education of the enabling pattern for reasonable suspicion training free dot materials
Alcohol and drug training must include enabling education so the dot supervisor interrupts this limiting pattern of behavior. Enabling training and awareness is therefore a must in alcohol and drug training for supervisors. This represents the first line of attack on the ignorance about addictive disease. Enabling at work is behavior exhibited by coworkers or supervisors that helps the addict not realize or face the consequences of his or her problem behavior resulting directly or indirectly from the alcohol or drug use.  Enabling typically appears as the "right" thing to do in response to the problem behavior but helps the alcoholic or addict escape responsibility for actions or problematic events.  DOT Supervisors are particularly vulnerable to practicing enabling behaviors, and the difficulty increases with the amount of time in the relationship between supervisors and supervised employee. Alcohol and drug training is almost useless without the education associated codependency, enabling, and manipulation. The ability of the addict to deny, rationalize, externalize, and minimize problems while having others accept excuses and explanations helps the addict get sicker. This image below offers free dot materials to help you grasp this concept better. It is a good image to study and will help you understand the enabling pattern we are talking about.

Alcohol and Drug Training Education of the Supervisor Enabling Pattern:

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