Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hey, Where Are All the Wierd Drugs in the Workplace--Like Bromo Dragon Fly or Devil's Breath?

When you are instructed in reasonable suspicion training, do not get caught up in all the information and hype about what are the worst drugs in the workplace. Drugs like Salvia, Bath Salts, Spice/K2, Ketamine, Devil's Breath, Benzo Fury, Dipt, Bromo Dragon Fly, etc. etc. You can visit YouTube to learn about these substances, but you are never, ever going to see them in the workplace. You will however see absenteeism. That you can document. And that you can refer for! Drug abuse signs and symptoms? Forget it, you ain't going to see them. But if your organization has a decent EAP not run by a managed care company (which by the way totally screwed up the EAP field and decimated it by 50% of the programs in 20 years, and I maintain that mass shootings are a direct result with the shooters not referred for help but were known troubled employees in companies that had no EAP or a terrible one-- i.e., the Orlando Shooter should have been referred to an EAP by the employer for outrageous behavior) then you will get these weird drug users into treatment. DOT Supervisors used to be told to avoid looking for drug abuse signs and symptoms, and tons of addicts were referred to treatment because of performance issues. Stick to this model and enjoy the drug and alcohol training in the signs and symptoms education. It's entertaining, but that is about it.  The the field went bonkers, and we started telling supervisors to look for signs and symptoms. It hasn't worked, as predicted but the real pros in this field. But since we are here, and now teaching signs and symptoms, remember this: Do not be fooled into thinking that if you do not see signs and symptoms of drug abuse in the workplace that they are not there.

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