Friday, May 13, 2016

Reasonable Suspicion Training: Understanding Drug Tolerance in the Employee You are Confronting

Reasonable Suspicion Training Handouts for DOT Supervisor Training
Tolerance is defined as the need to use larger amounts of a substance over time in order to experience its effects. Reasonable Suspicion Training must discuss this issue. If you do not understand tolerance, you will be manipulated by the average employee who appears to be drinking on the job. Most people who drink alcoholic beverages experience little or no changes in tolerance over the course of their lives (relative to body weight). However, approximately ten percent of drinkers do experience increases in tolerance. These drinkers are able to consume larger quantities of alcohol compared to their peers. While drinking, they may appear unaffected despite their higher blood alcohol level (BAL). These drinkers ONLY THINK THEY are less likely to become alcoholic because they can "handle it". The bottom line is that they are acquiring chemical dependency, and this process may last 20 years before it is noticed by the average supervisor. #dot supervisor training #reasonable suspicion training

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