Thursday, May 26, 2016

Don't Think You Won't Enable After DOT Supervisor Training

Many supervisors fail to act on the DOT supervisor training that they received because they still feel compelled to do something else other than confront the employee. If you do not think that this could ever be you, think again. Here the "practical" solutions may companies have taken to deal with substance abuse problems. Transferring the employee to another division or department to “get rid of” the problem. Using transfers as disciplinary actions. Failing to take action when promised in response to performance problems think they are temporary and will take care of them selves. Projecting your own alcohol and drug use excesses on the employee and believing just a little more willpower is necessary. Remember, most alcoholics and drug addicts have a belief that the abuse of alcohol or drugs when out of control is based upon willpower because their past history was success with willpower.

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