Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Educate DOT Supervisors about K2 (Spice)

The U.S. Department of Transportation guidelines do not require that a synthetic drug called "K2" or Spice--and its symptoms of use or effects of use--be part of the DOT reasonable
suspicion training course that you might offer. And it won't be screened in a urine test.

But I recommend supervisors give it few slide frames of education because this stuff does affect the workplace, in fact, the U.S. Army is swimming in Spice/K2 problems, at least on some installations.

A recent story in a local newspaper in the town of Sioux Falls, ND discussed how a baby sitter left a 8 week old baby outside accidentally for 18 hours while high on K2--in the rain! She survived. But if you want unpredictable behavior, insanity, and at-risk employee in your workplace, this is the drug that delivers.

K2 is often called synthetic pot or marijuana. Who knows why the call it that. A look at the literature does not see much. It appears that the substance, rolled in cigarette paper or smoked in a pipe resemble the look and feel of marijuana, but smoking it is another experience entirely. K2 or Spice has nothing to with THC -- the active ingredient in POT. K2 is actually made from a bunch of crazy-ass chemicals that are sprayed on smoke-able material.

K2 is another name for synthetic marijuana. It's made from a variety of man-made chemicals and can be sprayed onto dried plant material to be smoked or it can be sold as liquids to be vaporized and inhaled. The important message is that the user is not going to have the same experience as smoking pot. The reason is obvious.  K2 Spice or synthetic marijuana is not pot. It junk of the worst order.

The agitation after smoking Spice can be enormous. The first symptoms are elevated mood, feeling relaxed, can finally alternate reality that will freak you out. Your heart might feeling like it beating itself to death, you may vomit. You may have a relaxed feeling, but one trip to YouTube to see people using Spice/K2, and you will be convinced otherwise that this drug is bad news. Paranoia, hallucinations, yep, everything comes with this smoke-able trash.

The chemicals that make up Spice/K2 don't even have names--just their chemical codes. Spice/K2 was legal at one point in time nationwide, now most are attempting to outlaw it.

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